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In the early 90's of last century, Zhuhai special economic zone has a fixed assets of about 200 million yuan;

2015 in the north of the successful listing, stock trading code:

At present the company's has wholly owned subsidiaries: Berkeley energy, Jianhua boiler, Jianhua coal water slurry, Ruifeng agricultural and forestry, production area (including subsidiaries) a total area of about 120 acres, plant area of about 50000 square meters.

Group and its wholly owned subsidiary of staff of about 600 people, of which more than 100 middle grade technical research and development staff of more than one person;

Guangdong province is the special equipment industry association executive director of the unit;

Zhuhai special equipment association, vice chairman of the unit;

Guangdong Energy Conservation Association of the unit;

Is "the industrial boiler biomass briquette" (DB44/T1052-2012) "biomass briquette fuel industry boiler technical conditions" (DB44/T1510-2014) standard drafting participation unit;

Is the designated Technology Supervision Bureau of Zhuhai City area only pressure vessel welder training test base;


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